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THE CRAB APPLE  Malus sylvestris

One of our native trees, of the rosaceae family, a small tree often tall and slender if growing in woodland or if found in hedgerows spreading. Easily spotted when in blossom or in autumn when the fruits cover the ground under the crown of the trees.

Crab Apples occur one tree for every ten acres according to Oliver Rackham.

Flowers, which have five petals, appear with the leaves in late May,  are white with a pinkish tinge, lightly scented attracting a variety of short-tongued flies, wasps and bees which pollinate the flowers.

The fruits are small yellow-green through to deep red.

Crab Apples were often planted in hedgerows, particularly around orchards to act as pollinating agents.

Crab Apple

November Tree of the Month - Crab Apple