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Earlier from Over the Farm Gate

Over the Farm Gate - Summer 2016

It has been some time since we visited our farm in the Stort Valley which is in Higher Level Stewardship. It is great to see what can be done for wildlife in combination with commercial farming and a moderate game shooting interest. Very few farms these days have such a variety of crops such as sheep grazing, field beans, winter wheat and spring barley.

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Many fields have either a grass margin for wildlife or have a wide planted game strip which doubles up to feed wildlife.  

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Field beans

It is very unusual to see a field left fallow but this farm always has one to encourage ground nesting birds such as Lapwing and to provide feeding for small birds and partridges when the weeds seed later on.

Apr to May

Sheep grazing

Winter wheat

Game strip

The grass margins have yet to come on full bloom but some insects are already making use of the flowers available-any idea of the identification of these ones?

That spring is over is witnessed by the fruits already forming on wild plum and cherry.

That the season has been relatively dry is witnessed by this attack of Dutch Elm Disease and Silver Leaf on wild plum.

And finally, how much we take for granted the beauty of a common wildflower such as this Hogweed.

Autumn 15