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The Common Tern has become an increasingly common sight on inland waterways. It is not uncommon to see one fishing on the River Stort.

In Hatfield Forest there is a nest raft which the Terns try to use but they are subject to predation and competition by ducks and geese which also try and get onto the raft!

In common with many other species of butterflies the Marbled White is having a really good year. It seems to have expanded its range locally.

Initially, it was always found on the old allotment site to the North of Bishop’s Stortford. This year it is found in large numbers at Southern Country Park and has also been recorded from the Rivers Nursery site in Sawbridgeworth.

This butterfly seems to have a preference for rough grassland where the tiny caterpillar overwinters.

We are very pleased to have received this photograph of a Turtle Dove taken at a local farm. This bird is in massive decline nationally for a variety of reasons but it’s purring call is one that many of us will always associate with high summer.

SYCAMORE  -Acer pseudoplatanus

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The moss of the month for July is the Wood Bristle Moss.

This moss grows on tree bark and was much in decline 30 years ago. This was thought to be due to atmospheric pollution and because there is now much less sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere the moss is staging a bit of a comeback.

It has typically compact leafy shoots with furrowed capsules which ripen in summer and persist into the winter.


This large and spectacular caterpillar is often found feeding prominently on the plant of the same name.

It seems to have some defence against parasites which would lay their eggs inside it, instead although being very obvious, it does not seem to suffer so much in this way.

The adult moth is nowhere near as spectacular as the caterpillar being quite large but brown.

April Sycamore May

Turtle Dove GS

Marbled White Butterfly DS

Common Tern DS


Mullein Moth caterpillar CM

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