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 A non-native tree that is a fairly constant hybrid between ,White popular Populus alba and  Aspen Populus tremula, growing into an impressive tree (much larger than the White or Aspen) up to 37 m growing best on the chalky areas of Southern England, although will grow anywhere. Like P. alba it suckers very freely.

Bark is also very similar to P.alba with diamond shaped indents.  A deciduous tree, buds alternate, leaves rounded with blunt tooth margin, upper surface glossy green while the under surface is covered in light grey hairs this being lost as summer progresses the leaves loose the greyish bloom. The leaves have the characteristic flattened leaf stalk.

Male and female flowers occur on separate  trees, female trees are fairly rare.

May Tree of the Month - GREY POPLAR   Populus x canescens Salicaaceae

GREY POPLAR   Populus x canescens Salicaaceae