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A small tree of the Rosaceae family, that is very easy to overlook, like the Common Hawthorn (C. monogyna) Midland Hawthorn is native to the British Isles.

Although less common it is found mainly on heavy clay soils in central and southern England, growing in shaded areas and often as understory of oak woodlands.

Midland Hawthorn

Foliage and fruits.

October Tree of the Month - MIDLAND HAWTHORN Crataegus laevigata

Midland Hawthorn was until recently referred to as C. oxyacantha representing a similar tree to the Common Hawthorn.

When looked at in more detail it can be noted that the leaves, which are alternate, are not as deeply lobed, being more rounded up to 6cm in length. Also the flowers , which can usually open two weeks ahead of the Common Hawthorn, are white, slightly larger but contain two styles which once pollinated result in the characteristic red fruits that ripen between August and October containing two seeds.