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Often referred to as cherry plum, a small very busy tree 6-10m in height, a native of the Balkans, often planted in this country.

Bark grey brown with a rough feel becoming fissured as trees mature

Branches are long with mass of fine twiggy growths. Leaves are alternate, ovate in shape tapering towards the petiole which also has two red glands on top, with leaf margins having blunt serrated teeth.

Single white stalked flowers appear late winter early spring, usually before blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) which can be up to a month later.

Fruits which when ripe, July to September time, are sweet and edible appear with reddish yellow skin.

This tree may be more easily recognized in its ornamental form as the Purple leaf prunus (Prunus cerasifera “pissardii or nigra”) a small garden tree with purple foliage.

April Tree of the Month - MYROBALAN PLUM Prunus cerasifera (Rosaceae)

MYROBALAN PLUM Prunus cerasifera (Rosaceae)