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A large shrub or small tree, up to 9m, that at most times of the year is easily overlooked, but at this time of the year its autumn leaf colour of orange and red make it highly conspicuous, found mainly in hedgerows. A native tree found only in the southern half of the British Isles and over most of Ireland.

Flowers are inconspicuous open in early summer being small greenish white with four petals, insect pollenated thus good source of nectar for hoverflies. It is at this time of the year also catching the eye is its bright pink seed bracts which contain orange seed pods hanging inside.

Deciduous, the leaves are green, ovate with pointed tips and are food source for many moth species including Magpie (Abraxas grossulariata) , Spindle Ermine ( Yponomeuta cagnagella), and Scorched carpet (Ligdia adustata).

Three galls have been recorded on the leaves of Spindle Stenacis consolvens,Cecidophyes psilonotus and Melampsora epitea.

Spindle seeds

November Tree of the Month - SPINDLE Euonymus europaeus (Celastraceae)