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A small native deciduous tree, mainly growing on chalky soils found on woodland edges and hedgerows, but not occurring naturally further North than Yorkshire.

Like the buds ,the leaves are opposite 10-14cm in length, broad ovate with toothed margins, underside are covered with stellate hairs.

Flowers appear May June time as a round head comprising of many white small flowers all with five petals, fertile, with the flowers all being the same size, the flattened oval fruits that follow at first are bright red turning black, ripening is staggered on each flower head resulting in a mixture of red and black.

The gall mite Eriophyes viburni  causes  red pimples usually on the upper leaf surface, the mites occasionally affect Guelder Rose Viburnum opulus.

Orange-tailed clearwing  Synanthedon andrenaeformis the larvae of which live in the stems.

September Tree of the Month - WAYFARING TREE   Viburnum lantana Caprifoliaceae

WAYFARING TREE   Viburnum lantana Caprifoliaceae