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Recent records and sightings

All records relate to sightings by members within a 10 mile radius of Hatfield Forest.

Abbreviations : HF Hatfield Forest

                            SWM Sawbridgeworth Marsh

                            TW Thorley Wash

                             P Pishiobury Park

                            BP Bishops Park

                            SCP Southern Country Park




1st Jan

Little Egret 4

5th Jan

Peregrine - 1 spouting along the eastern edge of the park.

13th Jan

Greylag Goose 37 flew over Pishiobury Park

22nd Jan

Lesser Redpoll 8 in Pishiobury Park

30th Jan

Snipe - 8 put up from Lower Sheering Scrape by a shoot.

4th Feb

Wigeon male below Pishiobury Park

3 Shoveler on Lower Sheering Scrape

Fieldfare 65

16th Feb:

         HF: 50+ Hawfinch, Buzzard.

                  Thorley: 2 Skylarks, 2 Barn Owls.

                  Manor of Groves golf course: 25 Fieldfares

                  Maze Green Rd. 51 Goldfinch.

Red Kite BS.

7th Feb

Fieldfare 126 at Manor of Groves

also a report of Black Redstart at Stansted airport on 5th Feb

2nd Feb:

HF: Hawfinch,Sparrowhawk, Dabchick, Wigeon, Blackcap (F) Siskins, Jay. Parakeet Pishiobury Park.

16th March:

Blackbirds nesting 3/3/18.

SBWM: Cetti's warbler, Grey heron

Red Kite, London rd BS, Hunsdon, Sworth.

9 Magpies in 1 tree Kings Court BS

5 Buzzards circling NW BS.

Goldcrest on fat feeder.

Little Egret on R Stort tributary behind Thai restaurant/Mill Rd BS.

Earlier observations and sightings


2nd Feb:

Weasel P Park, Water Vole SBWM, Hare, Fox, Muntjac: Farnham.

16th Feb:

Badger sett active in Elgins HF.Bank vole (headless) SBWM, Fallow Deer TW

16th March: Large fallow Buck SBWM. Water Voles TW.


2nd Feb:

SBWM: Celandine, snowdrops, daffodils in bud.

16th Feb:

Stonewort (Chara) SBWM. Ivy berries still seen. Hazel catkins, Lesser celandine, Alonia aloides  moss. Snowdrops, Coltsfoot.

16th March:

Primrose, Violet, Coltsfoot BS. Blackthorn, Bullace in flower. Lesser Celandine 25/2/18; Wild daffodils Bloodhound Wood 15/3/18. Snowdrops still in bloom.


2nd Feb:

Double striped pug moth. Hoverflies, Lackey Moth Caterpillar HF.

16th Feb:

Buff tailed Bumble bee, spruce aphid.

16th March:

Ladybird, honey bees and bumble bees on Daphne flowers.


2nd Feb: None

16th Feb: Red Admiral

16th March: Brimstone, BS, Harlow 16/3/18.


16th March: Smooth Newt, Frog spawn/Frogs BS.


2nd Feb:

North Wind, cold by day, Rain, some night frosts.

16th Feb :

Consistent cold wind, heavy hail showers. Rain. Soil moisture deficit now made up.

16th March:

"Beast from the East" -6 C, Snow 28/2 to 3/3. Bitter NE wind. 14th to 16th

Much 12 C.